There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads. He must be Destroyed.

Posted: 2011-11-06 18:08   |  More posts about art politics

I spent most of today reading this blog post by Adam Curtis. His posts are always a bit of a battle to get through, since they're peppered with video which sometimes makes the whole experience a bit laborious, but this one -- despite some of the videos being as long as 45 minutes -- is just perfect. Each of the videos compliments the text exactly as it should, leaving you with the feeling that you've just watched an entire Curtis documentary series.

The blog post charts the decline of the revolutionary leftist student movements in Europe, England especially, focusing on the influences of Pauline Boty and Clive Goodwin, two prominent figures in the British Pop Art movement, and Herbert Marcuse, a political philosopher whose ideas had a large effect on the student movements. It all culminates in the absolutely fascinating story of Michael de Freitas ("Michael X") whose name I'd not heard before today. It is this story to which Curtis devotes 45 minutes of your time in the form of an old BBC documentary which he's edited down a little.

I won't spoil any of that story, instead leaving you to read and watch for yourself.

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