You could lose your mind in here; your money too

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Been listening to this an awful lot in the past few days. A little gem that this new recommendation service brought up. Enjoy!

(Ned Collette - The Country With A Smile)


Qaeda Quality Question Quickly Quickly Quiet

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I rather like the "A", "Amer-kawh", "and", "for" and "great" bits.


But what does it mean?

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500 / 200.

From a collective of people including the man behind King Lud's Revenge.


The Videogame Music Preservation Foundation

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A friend came across this website a few weeks ago, and I was very excited about it - an archive of plenty of video game music (mainly for DOS, which is what I grew up with), all recorded properly in order to maximise the nostalgia, and made available in ogg format.

I contacted the guy who runs it about setting up a torrent of the entire archive, and he very kindly obliged. You can get the entire collection here (~4.4GB in total). Enjoy!


Welcome to Reykjavík

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An eccentric little piece from Reykjavík's Mayor. Click to enlarge.

Thanks to Hugh for bringing this to my attention.


For a soldier he leads a very fine life and he always is blessed with a charming young wife

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Paul Brady's legendary 1977 recording of the old Irish anti-recruitment song Arthur McBride:



Do you think it will always be like this?

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Thanks to Paddy for bringing this to my attention. (You should really check his blog out too, it's excellent.)

Please Say Something is a 10 minute short concerning a troubled relationship between a Cat and Mouse set in the distant Future. The final film was completed in January 2009 and contains 23 episodes of exactly 25 seconds each.

The film won the Golden Bear for best short at the 2009 Berlinale, the Cartoon D’or and several other awards. In 2010 it was given a distinction of cultural significance by the German ratings agency FBW (Prädikat Besonderes Wertvoll).

Please Say Something - Full Length from David O'Reilly.


Nice photos of the Swedish Underground

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Plenty of photos here.



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I've been listening to Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti a lot today, after having discovered them through this boomkat review. The album is absolutely stunning and while discussing it with a friend, it raised the question of a recently very prominent and fashionable trend in underground music: emulating sounds of the past, not just in style but in their entire aesthetic altogether. (See Nite Jewel, Best Coast, The Advisory Circle, etc.)

The concept of Hauntology was then brought to my attention by a knowledgeable member of the electronic music community. From Wikipedia:

The idea suggests that the present exists only with respect to the past, and that society after the end of history will begin to orient itself towards ideas and aesthetics that are thought of as rustic, bizarre or "old-timey"; that is, towards the "ghost" of the past. In this, it is has some similarity with the cyberpunk literary movement. Derrida holds that because of this intellectual realignment, the end of history will be unsatisfactory and untenable.

The name and concept fundamentally come from Marx's assertion that a "spectre is haunting Europe, the spectre of communism." Derrida holds that the spirit of Karl Marx is even more relevant after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the demise of communism, that the West's separation from the ignorance of the suffering still present in the world will "haunt" it and provide the impetus for a fresh interest in communism.



Music discoveries of 2009 - Part I

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Something I've been meaning to get around to for a while. Well, here it is. 2009 was a particularly good year for finding good music, new and old, so I'm going to share some of my most treasured discoveries here. Being anything but a fan of music journalism, I'll let the music speak for itself, adding as few words as possible.

This first installation in the series will focus on more "traditional" music in comparison to the music that will be featured in the following parts. In other words: plenty of singing; plenty of guitars and drums.