Cáca Milis

Posted: 2011-02-12 18:32   |  More posts about art film funny ireland irish language short film

A short Irish-language film starring Brendan Gleeson, not entirely unlike the wonderful Six Shooter.


Andy Irvine Live at the Embankment

Posted: 2010-06-08 17:08   |  More posts about ireland irish language media tv

Two noteworthy things I came across on TG4, our Irish language TV station, this weekend: An Crisis and Ar Stáitse. An Crisis is an excellent sitcom featuring Risteard Cooper of Apres Match fame which tells the story of the fictional government department "ACT" (An Chomhairle Teanga -- The Language Council), seemingly based on An Gúm, being audited during the recession. Funny, clever and slightly absurdist, it's well worth following.

On Ar Stáitse, remastered recordings of old concerts in Ireland are shown. I watched the Andy Irvine one and was absolutely blown away. This is Irish trad at its very best. Here it is in 4 parts, with my (probably slightly inaccurate) translations of the Irish that appears during the video.