Abandoned cities

Posted: 2009-06-01 12:58   |  More posts about architecture oddities photography

Thanks to padraiq for sending me this: there are some lovely photos on archibase.net of Gukanjima, an island off the west coast of Japan which was home to a thriving coal mine. In the 70s, the mine was closed down and the island deserted, leaving this chaos behind:


This also happens to tie in with Wikipedia's featured picture of the day: Mane St [sic] of Pioneertown, "an unincorporated and inhabited town built in 1946 as a TV and film set by, among others, Roy Rogers. The town was designed to provide a place for the actors to live while simultaneously having their homes used as part of the set."

This is a dangerous page to visit, as it'll inevitably lead to a list of ghost towns, such as Bodie, California:


And Kayaköy, Turkey:


And by the time you've read about them all, the day is spent. Good work!

If not, then here are some extra, related wiki rabbit-holes for you to bound down:

Urban Exploration [and some extra photo galleries at undercity]

Urban Decay Squatting

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