Big Picture Cataloguer 1.0

Posted: 2013-11-14 21:02   |  More posts about code photography

Many years ago, I wrote the Big Picture Cataloguer - a little tool for downloading's fantastic Big Picture photojournalism series and tagging each image with its appropriate caption.

It's proved to be my most popular tool so far, with over 10,000 downloads so far. Unfortunately, it was also my buggiest, having been coded while hungover on a particularly drunken weekend. Plenty of users have contacted me in the mean time with support questions, and I'd always meant to clean up the code and add tests, but never quite got around to it.

This year, I finally managed to get around to it and I'm now happy to release Big Picture Cataloguer 1.0.

Click here for a Windows executable.

For OS X and Linux users, you can find the source code here. Be warned: the pyexiv2 module is unfortunately extremely difficult to get up and running (on OS X, at least). Feel free to fork this to use a friendlier image metadata library!


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