xltronic Vibes

Posted: 2013-05-17 00:15   |  More posts about music

Years ago, when xltronic.com was a thriving community of electronic music nerds, something like xltronic Vibes was possible: a series of albums of music produced by xltronic members, mixed together, often with an overarching theme.

Such collaborations are pretty much impossible nowadays. The website has been dying a slow and miserable death in the past few years and the community is now as good as non-existant. To make matters worse, the old Vibes series has disappeared from the site.

So, here is a mirror of all of the Vibes albums I managed to collect over the years. If anyone has any that are missing, please get in touch, so they don't disappear from the internet forever.

Personal favourites are definitely #10 and #19.

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