Water People

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I'm very fond of Liz Harris's art — so much so that I have a small canvas print of the cover for the Grouper single "Water People" hanging in my living room. The cover looks like this:

This morning, having spent the last few days on sick leave from work, it caught my eye and I decided to relieve my boredom by attempting to recreate it in code. One naive solution is simple:

  • Draw a square - a "segment" - containing 7 inner squares, with an equal amount of spacing between each, and diagonal lines from the top-left to the bottom-right and bottom-left to top-right.
  • Repeat this N times from left to right, ensuring segments are visibly stacked towards the center, to draw a row.
  • Repeat this N times from top to bottom, ensuring rows are visibly stacked towards the middle, to draw the full canvas.
  • Draw two lines that span the entire height and width of the drawn area, meeting in the center, forming a cross.

I've never ever done any graphics programming before and have a questionable grasp of mathematics, so I was pleased with the result after an hour's hacking, regardless of how trivial the problem is. You can see it here:

The code (~50 lines) can be viewed on github and requires no dependencies to run (apart from the graphics.py library, which is checked in to the repo.) Its parameters (e.g. padding, number of segments per row, etc.) can easily be played around with.

After many years of programming professionally, it is nice to create something inefficient and functionally useless but aesthetically pleasing — just for the sake of creating something.


Albumart Replacer

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The Albumart Replacer is a little script I wrote to automatically find higher-resolution copies of album covers. For listening to music, I use foobar2000 and although the wonderful foo_discogs automatically adds album art to my music, sometimes the artwork on discogs.com isn't the best.

Enter Albumart Replacer. If I'm listening to music and I notice the album art isn't up to scratch, e.g.:

I simply run the script, it sends the image's data to tineye.com, and if any higher-resolution copies of the same image are found, it'll grab the best quality one:

This is all done without any user interaction. Using foo_run, it's easy to set up a keybinding in foobar2000 so that it just takes one key press (simply pass the script a song's %PATH% variable from foobar and it'll do the rest.)

Source code, downloads and further details are available at the github repository.



The Chaos

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A poem by Gerard Nolst Trenité demonstrating the abundant irregularities of English spelling and pronunciation. More info here. 



A Winged Victory For The Sullen Live

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From their Facebook page:

for those of you who could not make to one of our US shows...our videographer friend Joshua Smelser filmed the entire Los Angles show. Enjoy!

You can watch the entire concert in high-definition below.

EDIT: Although the sound quality is pretty dreadful...


Slow Walkers

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"Wake" from "Slow Walkers", a Grouper / Lawrence English collaboration, to be released in 2012. The video is something else -- "meditations for the zombie as cultural phenomena".

Thanks to Dennis for bringing this to my attention. He also makes great ambient music himself -- if you like this kind of thing, you should check his music out.


Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima (Aphex Remix)

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Very unsettling.

From its vimeo page:

see original version, conducted by Krzysztof Penderecki himself, performed just before this performance, here = youtube.com/​watch?v=SFoTqF-gGxA&feature=related

see the other Aphex Twin edits for this show here = vimeo.com/​album/​1735255

see all other performances from the show here


Live visuals by Weirdcore.

gfx programming by weirdcore & andrew benson


There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads. He must be Destroyed.

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I spent most of today reading this blog post by Adam Curtis. His posts are always a bit of a battle to get through, since they're peppered with video which sometimes makes the whole experience a bit laborious, but this one -- despite some of the videos being as long as 45 minutes -- is just perfect. Each of the videos compliments the text exactly as it should, leaving you with the feeling that you've just watched an entire Curtis documentary series.

The blog post charts the decline of the revolutionary leftist student movements in Europe, England especially, focusing on the influences of Pauline Boty and Clive Goodwin, two prominent figures in the British Pop Art movement, and Herbert Marcuse, a political philosopher whose ideas had a large effect on the student movements. It all culminates in the absolutely fascinating story of Michael de Freitas ("Michael X") whose name I'd not heard before today. It is this story to which Curtis devotes 45 minutes of your time in the form of an old BBC documentary which he's edited down a little.

I won't spoil any of that story, instead leaving you to read and watch for yourself.



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The Alarmist

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Easily the best Irish band at the moment - here's a video of them performing "Clapper".

You can listen to a full EP from them here.


A Winged Victory For The Sullen

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Performing the opening track from their self-titled album in their first live radio session: